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Bible School

New Life Mission of Haiti is dedicated to training Christian leaders. The church of Haiti has many churches, but it struggles spiritually due to lack of well-trained leaders. Many church leaders have no Bible or ministry training. Many of the leaders themselves have very little understanding of God’s Word. New Life Mission of Haiti is equipping churches to reach their own people through New Life Bible School, Bible Training Centers and Leadership Seminars. New Life Bible School was founded in 1982 by Andrew Clark. We offer a 4 year B.A. degree in theology. We are recognized both nationally and internationally. We have sent out over 400 students who are ministering to over 50,000 people weekly. They are making a difference in their nation and we thank God for them. We have founded 4 Bible training centers that use Theological Education by Extension material to train lay leaders. Students at these centers also follow lectures on video. The centers are based in local churches and their focus is to build up the body of Christ through solid Bible teaching. Throughout the year, as God allows, we hold leadership training seminars. Every year we minister to hundreds of leaders from various denominations all over the country. We thank God that in the past 26 years we have seen much church growth. The Haitian church is stronger today due to good Bible training.